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Christmas Personal Safety Top Tips.

Christmas is just around the corner. To help make your Christmas as safe as possible we have come up with the following safety tips. Please feel free to SHARE these amoung your family, friends and co workers. Merry Christmas from all at Alex, Nick and all the...

WIN a “Personal Safety & Awareness Programme’ for your School

We are delighted to announce another great competition for school. Once again we are giving away a 'Personal Safety and Awareness Programme' This programme can be used by schools for 30 of their students. School from all over Ireland and allowed to enter. To enter...

Consent, Why it matters!

I am very open with my children, I’ve always welcomed talking to them openly about sex, drugs, puberty, all those topics that may seem embarrassing as a teenager, topics that my parents didn’t always talk to me about when I was a teenager. I’ve always told my...

Halloween Safety Tips

Check out our Halloween Safety Tips for staying safe this Halloween. In this blog post read Alex’s tips and download our guide for your school Social Media

Smart Strategies for Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Training is more than self-defence, it gives you the tools and skills to make you feel confident and empowered.

Situations can escalate quickly. Before you know it you could be faced with a situation that …..

Personal Safety Classes

Personal Safety Classes provide an opportunity for people to engage in possible real life situations in a safe and professional environment. Learning tools, skills, moves and techniques which will provide them with…..

Junior Cert Safety Tips

The Junior Cert results are due to be announced next week. It's a special time for students. We have produced the following Junior Cert Safety tips for those going out to celebrate. 1. Make sure your phone is charged & has credit 2. Tell your parents where you are...


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