Our Educational Personal Safety Programmes

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Primary/National School PSA Programme

This programme helps primary school students develop increased personal safety and awareness. They will learn to recognise and evaluate a range of situations and assess their own position within those situations. Students will be taught methods and skills to be more aware and better protect themselves promoting their personal safety. Personal Safety and Awareness is an invaluable aspect of student development, beneficial to all students moving onto secondary school. This programme complements and reinforces elements within the Social, Personal, Health Education aspect of the primary school curriculum for fifth and sixth class students.

Student PSA Programme

Our educational programme develops student life skills and builds on existing curriculum links within student primary education, developing on the concept of ‘Stranger Danger’ and expectations within the school junior/senior cycle including CSPE and SPHE, anti-bullying, student well-being, communication and positive assertiveness and third level education.

University & International Student PSA Programme

This interactive programme is designed to assist University Students and International Students in a positive manner, with difficult or challenging situations. To inform and promote student wellbeing by improving knowledge of personal safety and awareness and give students the tools and skills to recognise and deal effectively with a variety of situations.


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