Why Personal Safety Classes?

Personal Safety Classes provide an opportunity for people to engage in possible real life situations in a safe and professional environment. Learning tools, skills, moves and techniques which will provide them with valuable practical knowledge.

Personal Safety Programmes are not just practical, the learning within the classes are motivated to highlight justification of actions, if deemed necessary, after using certain techniques. Our emphasis on attitude and behavior throughout the classes will give participants an understanding of how their own behavior has an impact and influence on any given situation, whether public or private.

Personal Safety is increasingly becoming a priority in todays society. Young and old find themselves in vulnerable, challenging situations more and more and classes that are based on personal safety allow participants to feel more in control should the need arise.

The personal safety classes are designed to empower people in many given situations, to protect them when and where necessary. The classes are structured to show perceived dangerous situations and how a person might extract themselves before or after an actual altercation.


Who does Personal Safety Classes?


• Personal safety Classes are available to all people from all walks of life, young old, professionals, front line staff, stay at home mums and dads, students: primary school, secondary university and international. It is as valid for a young person walking to school or a front line member of staff.

• If a situation does advance to a stage where action needs to be taken, the knowledge gleaned from classes will give a reactionary gap to make a decision, to remove yourself from a situation or the ability to defend yourself until such a time that you can move away safely.


What to expect from Personal Safety Class……..


• This includes giving examples of situations where people might be vulnerable or attacked in various senarios in real life situations. The instructors demonstrate to the class how to protect their vital organs and explain why this is so important. The techniques used are all defence moves and open hand techniques which include push away moves. Using protective equipment the instructors then ‘talk’ the participants through the various moves and techniques supporting them in getting the moves correct. Under the close supervision of the instructors the people in the classes will feel confident, that in a given situation outside of the classroom, they would be able to use what they have learned to their advantage.

Alex Walsh

Alex Walsh



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