Smart Strategies for Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Training is more than self-defence, it gives you the tools and skills to make you feel confident and empowered.

Situations can escalate quickly. Before you know it you could be faced with a situation that puts you or a loved one in harms way. Personal safety training gives you the ability to defend yourself from such threats should you come face to face with them.

Personal Safety Training gives you the skills to assess a situation early on so that you can avoid conflict as much as possible, as well as giving you the practical skills should you be in imminent danger.

With the right training you will have the ability to look after yourself in any given situation, should the need arise. It helps you develop your communication skills and recognise different stages of conflict.

We may find ourselves in potentially volatile situations at some stage of our lives, Personal safety training encourages you to be aware of your surroundings, recognise challenging situations and avoid them if possible.

Personal Safety Training will help you make good decisions. Whether that is deciding where to go on your evening walk, what taxi to take home after a night out or how to deal with a bully in the workplace or school.

Avoiding Conflict with Personal Safety Training

Personal Safety Training is practical and easy to learn. A few basic techniques are all it takes to make yourself feel safer and more confident when going about your day to day tasks.

How do we prevent ourselves victims of a physical attack?

Personal Safety Training will give you top tips to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of assault.

  • Stay in groups when out socialising
  • Get registered taxis home after a night out
  • Tell someone where you’re going
  • Keep to well lit areas when walking home at night

Did you know that when a group of inmates were questioned about how they identify a potential victim for a sexual assault they came up with the following:

  • Women with ponytails are easier to attack, the ponytail gives them something to grab and control
  • Women walking with earphones in or not looking aware of their surroundings are easier targets
  • If you are holding an umbrella or something that you could hit them with they would avoid you as a victim

These are only a few things said, but there is no doubt that Personal Safety Training can reduce your chances of being physically or sexually assaulted.

Remember knowledge and awareness is a powerful thing.

Nick Feehan

Nick Feehan



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