‘The encouragement from Alex and Nick made me realise how effective my strength can be when it is applied correctly. Mainly, I surprised myself with how much skills thought through out the day I could complete successfully as I went into the workshop with a stereotypical mindset (“how boys are stronger than girls”) but walked out of the course with a completely different way of thinking. So as a teenage girl in the 21st century society, it definitely gave me more confidence in my strength’.

‘I learned a lot today but the most important thing I learned today is how to properly defend myself in dangerous situations, without getting myself in trouble and mainly without getting myself hurt. I also thought how important it is to help anyone you see in those situations, even if you don’t know them’.

‘The instructors from Personal Safety Ireland were so sound and it felt like they understood us so well as teenagers. Nick and Alex told us stories at the beginning of the session about their childhoods, the troubles they had but also some decisions and actions they regret when they were young. From their past and their worries for teenagers they decided to create this workshop for young people and educate them. These men made you feel so safe and it felt like they wanted to get to know us throughout the workshop. I believe the instructors are ideal for this job and that’s why they make the workshop so interesting and fun for us’. FEEDBACK FROM TRANSITION YEAR STUDENTS

Coláiste an Átha, Kilmuckridge

“All staff who observed the workshop commented on how engaging, respectful, factual and truly brilliant this workshop was. I would recommend any person of any age to do this course because one always needs reminders of how important our relationships with other people are. This course really emphasises respect for others and the moral obligations that we all have in dealing with other people. Thank you both.” Mary O’ Keeffe,


Getting taught about personal safety and learning how to do some self-defence techniques was so cool. We got to learn the purpose behind each move, we were shown how do it and thirdly we got to practice them on our friends. It was such a fun lesson but also extremely interesting. Although we were gentle when practicing the moves on one another, it was clear that with force, there were some serious techniques that could be very effective in a dangerous situation. I think this is definitely something students all around the country should get to learn, and I can’t wait for the advanced course later on in the year. Emily Hamilton-Foott

TY Student 2015-2016, Bandon Grammer School, Co Cork

Nick and Alex conducted a series of workshops on Personal safety to the Transition Years last November and they were absolutely brilliant. What impressed me most was the commitment of both to make sure that the students not only learned the essentials in relate to all aspects of personal safety that was important, were the key life skills that the students gained which will be of benefit to them for most their lives. All told it was a brilliant learning experience for the students while at the same time very enjoyable and entertaining. I highly recommend Personal Safety as a very important opportunity for TY students. Finian O’Connor

TY Co-ordinator, Ashbourne Community School, Co Meath

Tá fhios agam conas mé féin a chosaint in ámanta a bhfuil sé tábhachtach. Mothaigh mé go maith faoi mar nach raibh siad ró-dhian ach níor lig said dúinn a bheith ag pleidhcíocht thart. Thaitin sé go mór liom mar thaispeáin sé chun mo chumhacht a choimeád i mo phóca go dtí go bhfuil sé ag teastáil. Bhí sé an-úsáideach.

I know how to defend myself when it matters. I felt comfortable with it as the instructors were not too strict but they didn’t let us mess around. I liked it because it showed me how to control my power until it is required. It was very useful Paddy

Transition Year Student, Colaiste de Hide Tallaght, Dublin

The Personal Safety workshop heightened our Transition Year girl’s awareness of how they could handle difficult situations in the future. The TY students found it to be a very interesting, enjoyable and relevant workshop. Alex and Nick had excellent delivery and they were very knowledgeable in this subject with age appropriate and varied scenarios.

They created a great atmosphere and were very encouraging and upbeat towards the students. As a result our students had a very worthwhile and enjoyable day. I think all students would really benefit from this workshop. This year we booked the it last minute but based on how relevant it was and how much the TY girls enjoyed it we now have it booked into our TY diary for next year. Lorraine McCormack

TY Co-Ordinator, Rathdown School for Girls

I can thoroughly recommend Personal Safety Ireland.  Our Transition Year Students gained experience that will stand to them for the rest of their lives. Nick and Alex’s passion for what they do was obvious and they delivered the workshop in a very engaging manner.  There was the right balance of discussion and physical activity. Some students said that it was one of their favourite parts of Transition Year. K. Hennessy

Transition Year Co-ordinator, Coláiste Bride.

“I really liked this programme because it helped me see how much is going on around me that I don’t see and it shows us how to prevent all of it. I would recommend this course to boys and girls because it can help you in tough situations.”

“I found the programme very engaging and exciting. It was very educational but also very practical. I think everyone in class benefitted from it and learned something new. I would love to do the advanced course.”

“As a class we learned how to defend ourselves against violent threats, but more importantly we learned not to start a fight”

“I would recommend this programme to anyone because it gives you a sense of confidence and self-respect”

“The two coaches treated us like adults in that they did not sugar coat anything which I think we all appreciated. They treated us with courtesy and respect”.

“One of the main things we learned was to respect the boundaries of others sexually and physically and not to disrespect others”

“Nick and Alex taught us about personal boundaries and safety. They taught us about morals, specifically about consent. They taught us to justify our actions. They were very relatable, explaining what to do in realistic scenarios. All students enjoyed the day thoroughly. Thank you Alex and Nick” FEEDBACK FROM TRANSITION YEAR STUDENTS


Our inaugural experience of Personal Safety Ireland with our Transition Year students proved to be incredibly worthwhile and beneficial – so much so, that we have decided to add it permanently to our Transition Year programme. In response to being asked what they liked about the workshop the resounding reply from our 208 students was “everything”! Not one negative response was offered. They loved learning the personal safety techniques and were quite amazed at how easy it can be to defend themselves. They also found the section on describing an assailant in detail very interesting. It made them realise how important it is to be observant. It was activity-based from start to finish, which really appealed to our energetic 15 & 16 year olds.

Alex and Nick delivered this workshop in a calm, gentle, efficient, professional and authoritative manner. They earned the respect of the students instantly. I highly recommend Personal Safety Ireland as an integral part of any Transition Year programme. In fact, all students should be afforded the opportunity of learning how to keep themselves safe. J. Byrnes

Transition Year Co-ordinator, Maynooth Post Primary

I have known Alex Walsh for a number of years. His children have attended our primary school. Alex has always been very enthusiastic to support the school and his skills as a coach in both rugby and fitness have been utilized in the school on many occasions.

He is an excellent coach and prepares for all classes in a very diligent manner. The teachers and children have benefitted greatly from his coaching ability. He engages very well with staff and children. He creates a structured set of  lessons which are delivered in a very professional manner.

He has recently presented a self-defence module to students in our school . It proved very popular with all the students .

I can recommend  Alex as an excellent coach both for adult and children. If you require any further information please contact number provided above.

Thomas O Brien

Principal, St. Beacons, NS

Fuair mé scileanna úsáideacha as an gceardlann seo a thug níos mó misnigh dom Bhain mé an-taitneamh as. Bhí na teagascóirí an-deas agus cabhrach agus ní raibh aon eagla orm ceist a chur orthu.Dfhoghlaim mé faoi conas mé fhéin a chosaint, conas fáil amach as suíomh dáinséireach agus conas na suíomhanna sin a aithint.Thaithin sé go mór liom agus ba bhreá liom é a dhéanamh arís. Bhí sé fíor-úsáideach mar tá fhios agam cad le déanamh má tá mé i ndáinséir agus conas mé fhéin a iompar sna suíomhanna sin.

I gained very useful skills from the course and it gave me confidence. I really enjoyed it. The instructors were lovely and helpful and I didn’t mind asking them questions. I learned how to defend myself, how to get out of situations and how to recognise those situations. I loved it and would love to do it again. It was really useful because I know now what to do if I am in danger and how to act. Nicola

Transition Year Student, Colaiste de Hide Tallaght, Dublin

Personal Safety Ireland is an absolute must for all TY students. The programme is delivered in a fun, engaging, safe & practical way, In today’s society which at times can be challenging, this gives students the tools to be aware of their surroundings and to get out of potentially tricky situations. It is a very useful and worthwhile workshop for both boys and girls and I highly recommend Alex and Nick who are excellent tutors. Will Bartley

TY Coordinator, Bandon Grammar School, Co.Cork


Personal Safety Ireland delivered a one day workshop to a group of our Shift Managers in 2015. Since then they now deliver a 2 hour session every month on one of the 4 day courses we run called ASM (Advanced Shift Management). “Managing Difficult and Aggressive Behaviour” is now an integral part of our manager development programme which gives our managers the confidence and skills when dealing with difficult situations.

“Managing Difficult and Aggressive Behaviour” is now an integral part of our manager development programme which gives our managers the confidence and skills when dealing with difficult situations.

The briefing I gave to Personal Safety Ireland was to cover the following behaviours and to include theoretical and scenario based components that Managers face on a daily basis

  • To Enhance Effective Communication Skills
  • To Evaluate Attitude and Behaviour
  • To Understand Positive Assertiveness
  • To Understand Conflict Management
  • To Understand Concepts of Persuasion and Negotiation Strategies and Skills

We also needed Personal Safety Ireland to understand that the Customer is our number one concern internally and externally and that they had to understand and relate to the McDonald’s business and the opportunities we have to continually provide high quality service to our customers every day and every visit. They met the brief and delivered an excellent workshop that was informative and interesting

Feedback from the attendees was very positive and all came away with new skills to help them deal with difficult situation.

I would highly recommend Personal Safety Ireland who I would highly recommend Personal Safety Ireland who have a wealth of experience in this area and have the ability to tailor any workshop to meet the needs of the client Annette Kelly

Training/Health & Safety Manager, McDonald's Restaurants of Ireland


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