University & International Student PSA Programme

ProgrammeUniversity/International Student PSA Programme
InstructorsAlexander Walsh/Nick Feehan
Duration of course 3 hours – morning or afternoon session
Maximum number of participants30 students

This interactive programme is designed to assist University Students and International Students in a positive manner, with difficult or challenging situations.  To inform and promote student wellbeing by improving knowledge of personal safety and awareness and give students the tools and skills to recognise and deal effectively with a variety of situations.

The methods and skills learnt in this programme:

  • Will encourage all students to be aware of their personal safety
  • Will help students assess all situations with greater awareness and confidence
  • Will give an understanding of an individual’s perception of conflict
  • Will assist students in understanding body language
  • Will give students an understanding of negotiation, influencing and persuasion techniques




  • To Enhance Effective Communication Skills
  • To Demonstrate Effective Communication Skills
  • To Understand Perceptions and Receptions
  • To Show An Understanding Of Positive Assertiveness
  • To Understand Positive Assertiveness
  • To Recognise Different Stages of Conflict
  • To Understand Conflict Management
  • Accountability  & Justification of Actions


Intended For:

University Students Part-time and Full time, International Students, Summer School Students.

Executive Summary

At Personal Safety Ireland we recognise there is a need and want for people to feel respected and valued in every community and environment.

We are committed to assisting University Students and International Students have an increased awareness of their personal safety.  By investing and taking part in this programme, students will develop a better understanding of communication, assertiveness and student wellbeing

We recognise that Universities promote diversity within its community and we provide programmes to reflect and work in partnership with that ethos.

All participating students will be asked to integrate and work in groups assessing, evaluating and resolving scenario based examples of communication and behaviour, highlighting situations they may have encountered and how they dealt with those situations in the past.

Personal Safety Ireland delivers the following in the Personal Safety & Awareness programme:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Positive assertiveness
  • Body language
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Diffusing and negotiating skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Perceptions and receptions
  • Diversity
  • Identifying different stages of conflict
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Awareness of ‘The Consent Campaign’
  • Understanding of ‘The Consent Campaign’
  • Personal Safety Awareness Model
  • Accountability & Justification of Actions


This integrated programme encourages participants to interact with each other and work in groups assessing, evaluating and resolving scenario and video based examples of effective Communication Skills, Body Language, Attitude and Behaviour, Risks and Hazards and Conflict Management, highlighting situations they may have encountered.

Working through the programme, students will gain a greater knowledge and understanding of communication, positive assertiveness and student wellbeing.

Our aims and objectives are to encourage students to become aware and responsible for their own personal safety.

By respecting, listening and appreciating each other’s ideas and opinions they will collectively understand the importance of bringing the learnt elements of this programme to their student life on and off campus.

On completion of the course, students are asked to reflect and complete a course evaluation and feedback form, copies of which can be provided to the University. Attendance certificates will be issued to all. All training materials and equipment will be provided by Personal Safety Ireland.

Your Instructor for this programme is Alexander Walsh and Programme Facilitator is Nick Feehan.


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