Giving you the tools and skills to feel empowered

My attitude and my behaviour affects your attitude and your behaviour

Giving you the tools and skills to feel empowered

About Personal Safety Ireland


Personal Safety Ireland recognise and believe in the need for all people to feel safe in every environment, whether they are at work, school, university, home or socially.

Personal Safety Ireland enable all participants to have the tools and skills to deal effectively with difficult or challenging situations. To gain a sense of control; to feel confident; to be reassured and empowered.

In an ever changing world Personal Safety Ireland meet the identified needs of principals, students, parents, business owners, staff, managers, their co-workers and colleagues.

Personal Safety Ireland promote diversity and provide programmes to reflect and work in partnership with all educational bodies and with all companies.

Alex Walsh

Alex Walsh

Senior Instructor

Alex is a Director of Personal Safety Ireland Ltd and the Senior Instructor.  Alexander is responsible for programme content and design of all components of personal safety and awareness, delivering programmes in a group or one-to-one sessions within the Public, Private and Educational Sector.

Alex served as a UK Metropolitan Police Officer for over 20 years.  Alex has a wealth of experience in delivering programmes such as Personal Safety and Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Assertiveness Skills, Personal Safety Techniques and Giving Evidence and Justification of Actions.

Alex has certification in the following: Policing Safely Senior Instructor, Personal Safety and Awareness Control and Restraint (C&R), Senior Instructor Train the Trainer (QQI Distinction), Senior Instructor of Giving Evidence and the Use of Force procedures, Street Awareness and Surveillance Trained Officer, Officer and Personal Safety and Awareness Instructor, Mentoring Officer and Health and Safety at Work Advisor. Physical Training Instructor (PTI)

Throughout his career in the police service Alex worked with all sectors: Public, Private, Education and Community & Schools.



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