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Transition Year Student PSA Programme


Alex Walsh – Senior Instructor

Duration of Course

3 hours – morning or afternoon session

Maximum number of participants

30 students

This programme covers the following:

  • Boundaries/personal space
  • Consent
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • How to avoid confrontation
  • Tips on how to handle confrontation if unavoidable
  • How to challenge inappropriate behaviour
  • How to avoid becoming a victim
  • Easy to learn self-defence moves
  • Assault/sexual assault
  • Internet/mobile telephone awareness


  • Enable students to understand the benefit of effective communication
  • Develop assertiveness in a positive manner
  • Evaluate attitude and behaviour of others
  • Gain new/improve personal safety skills & techniques
  • Address anti-bullying
  • To help students understand consent and the consequences of inappropriate behaviour

Related Learning

  • This programme links with existing school modules such Personal & Social Development and Health Education by:

    • The promotion of positive attitudes and behaviour
    • The well being of students in school, socially and in the working environment
    • Adhering to and upholding anti-bullying
    • Students feeling empowered and valued, learning new methods and skills
    • Promoting safety education

    As outlined in the ‘Transition Year Programmes – Guidelines for Schools’ this programme will enable students to:

    • Develop active and participatory citizenship in pupils with regard to human rights and social responsibilities
    • Increase student self knowledge
    • Develop an understanding of others and situations
    • Recognise and understand feelings and attitude of behaviour
    • Enhance the concept of self

Learning Outcomes

  • The importance of personal safety and awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Attitude and behaviour of self and others
  • Assertiveness
  • Awareness of others
  • Risk & threat assessment
  • Q & A feedback from students

The programme is available throughout the school year to all interested schools. This interactive programme is designed to inform and benefit students in improving their personal safety and awareness.  All expenses and associated costs of training are included in pricing structure.

Executive Summary

At Personal Safety Ireland we recognise there is a need and want for people to feel respected and valued in every community and environment.

We are committed to assisting Transition Year and all secondary school students have an increased awareness of their personal safety. By investing and taking part in this programme, students will develop a better understanding of communication, assertiveness and student wellbeing

We recognise that secondary schools promote diversity within its community and we provide programmes to reflect and work in partnership with that ethos.

All participating students will be asked to integrate and work in groups assessing, evaluating and resolving scenario based examples of communication and behaviour, highlighting situations they may have encountered and how they dealt with those situations in the past.

Personal Safety Ireland delivers the following in the Personal Safety & Awareness programme:
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